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Click the download links below to download the installation file.

PianoTeacher installation file (13,87MB)

SoundTrackComposerInstallFile (15,6MB)

Midi sequencer
HitFactor installation file (15,5MB)

Drum sequencer
HitFactor zipped installation file (15,5MB)

Step sequencer
SongStuff installation file (14,4MB)

VSTStuff is free!

VST host
VSTStuff zipped installation file (11,2MB)

VST host
VSTStuff appx installation file (11MB)
How to install an appx file?
(enable sideload apps)

Midi controller
MidiStuff installation file (11,7MB)

Song studio
SongAudition installation file (7,7MB)

Song studio
SongAudition zipped install file (7,7MB)

Audio editor
IdolSoundLab installation file (8,9MB)

Dragon is free!

CD burner
Dragon zipped installation file (4,63MB)

SoundLibrary (compressed zip file 327MB)

Buy a license

The license is valid for 3 computers and including 1 year of free upgrade.

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